Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 4 “AKA 99 Friends” Review

AKA 99 Friends starts off very paranoid after the revelations in AKA It’s Called Whiskey that Killgrave has Jessica under surveillance and Jessica has no clue who’s doing it.  She goes over the photo’s and is relieved that Luke isn’t in them and has an interesting switch in feeling that now she is the one of the receiving end of someone spying on her.

This mood doesn’t just stop with Jessica either Trish no longer trusts anyone and has the cops back at her apartment wanting to get back in.  Not sure whether they are under the influence of Killgrave she doesn’t let them in and phones Jessica she quickly establishes the cop isn’t a danger.  He is trying to understand what is going on and Jessica takes the risk of telling him the truth.  Guilt-ridden he goes through the episode not necessarily doing the right thing for his job but he will do anything to catch or help catch Killgrave.

Jessica coming off the subway trying to work out who’s following her

After having Trish in the firing line, it is decided that she should use her next show in order to apologize as Jessica thinks that this will get Trish off Killgraves hitlist.  The show also adds an extra problem this time for Jeri because now she has a waiting room full of people saying that they were under the control of Killgrave when they committed their crimes.  Jeri doesn’t want to deal with them but Jessica forces her to go through them and they do weed out the fakes from the real victims and seemingly start their own support group.  The case that is presented Jessica also raises some issues because Jessica is concerned that they were sent by Killgrave and doesn’t really want to take the case.

Jessica reluctantly takes the case and instead of following the cheating husband she goes after the wife.  Jessica is trying to establish whether or not it is safe to take the case and when she does do the investigation that she was hired for it, it does have an interesting twist.  It isn’t Killgrave and but her husband isn’t cheating either there is another motive.

The Verdict

AKA 99 Friends was a solid episode, but it did have some problems.  It was missing Luke and Hope which have been a huge part of the season so far and to have them completely missing just didn’t feel quite right.  Luke was mentioned, but having had Jessica and Luke get so close in AKA 99 It’s Called Whiskey.  Trish and The Cop development along with the support group, however, was a good direction and it does have a very good cliffhanger ending.

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