Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Review

Blindspot is one of the latest thrillers to come out the US.  The opening scene is in Times Square New York where a Police Officer notices a bag that has been left and wondering who’s bag it is he is asking people rushing past it.  The bag has a label on it and says for the FBI with the square now secured it seems like the bomb disposal unit is called as they still don’t know what the content of the bag is.

Jane Doe coming out of the bag

The Bomb disposal agent gets up close to the bag only to find that something is moving inside it and as he nervously undoes the bag it turns out to be a woman that is completely naked and covered in tattoos.  In custody, it becomes very clear that the woman doesn’t know her identity and for some reason has an FBI agent’s name tattooed on her back  Kurt Weller.  Confused to why she has his name on her back and not recognising the women Weller takes over the case and they establish that she is telling the truth she doesn’t remember anything as they find a new drug in her system that used to treat PTS and rape victims.  The drug is only designed to be used in very small quantities in order to help the victims forget what troubles them but Jane has way more than a trace of the drug in her system.

After a full body examination, they start to piece together the tattoos and find that they are clues to either her identity or crimes that are being committed.  Although Jane can’t remember anything of her history it doesn’t impair anything else so as they are examining one of the tattoos she translates it to a place and time.  They have four hours to get there and establish what the threat is, Kurt doesn’t want to take Jane with him but Bethany Mayfair his commanding officer says that Jane goes as it could help.

Jane Doe being scanned by the FBI

As Jane is now on in the field and translating for Kurt the rest of the team at the office has found out that part of a square in the tattoos was actually one originally and that has she had a Navy Seal tattoo.  Confused as her prints weren’t on the database but as she gets into a conflict with someone in the field it becomes apparent that she isn’t a normal person she has a set skill set.

The Verdict

Blindspot Pilot shows promise it’s fast paced with an air of mystery about it.  The acting by Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe is really well done as it feels like she really doesn’t know who she is.

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