Elementary Season 4 Episode 2 “Evidence of Things Not Seen” Review

Evidence of Things Not Seen carries on from The Past is Parent with the surprise of having Morland Holmes actually talking to his son and wanting to help him adds another dynamic.  Sherlock this season so far as become a softer more caring character which adds something different although he doesn’t trust his father and seemingly doesn’t want his father’s help he does leave the decision up to Joan as well.

Watson and Morland Holmes getting to know each other

Sherlock tells Joan that his father has offered to make their problems go away and help them get their jobs back in the NYPD of which to begin with Sherlock doesn’t agree with and Joan does.  Sherlock does make Joan away that everything with his father does come at a cost and that she should go and meet him herself in order to make a properly informed decision on whether they as a team should take up the offer.

Meanwhile before Sherlock has this discussion with Joan she manages to secure them some consultancy work with the FBI.  The problem comes while they are used to free roam to do whatever they want in the NYPD they have to stick with an agent and it ends up being very restricted.  The case itself is a lab that was doing brainwashing experiments and the scientists in the lab had been shot and murdered.  This investigation is really well done even on the limited framework that Sherlock and Joan have to work with.  Sherlock finds the smallest of clues and shows the huge holes in what the investigating of the other investigator.  This case does, however, reignite the flame that Sherlock does need the NYPD and that although it’s not a complete factor on why he had been clean for so long it is a big part of it.  He is all for asking his father to get them reinstated but after research will Joan be?

Sherlock and Watson with Agent Gary Burke

The Verdict

Evidence of Things Not Seen is a good episode and sets the tone for this season, Morland seems very intriguing and adds another dynamic to the show.  What does seem to be a running theme at the moment is that the cases are just subplot as opposed to being the focus.  It is the personal side of it all that really holds the intrigue, even though the cases have had twist and turns.

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