Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 2 “AKA Crush Syndrome” Review

AKA Crush Syndrome continues on from AKA Ladies Night, Jessica finds herself in an interrogation room as the Police try to find the in and outs of the murders that happened in the elevator.  An open and shut case really because there was no escaping that all the physical evidence points that Hope did it, but Jessica is determined to prove her innocents.

Jessica, however, comes up with some problems during the interview because some other case files are discovered by the Police and they want to know about it.  Jessica’s reaction was that they shouldn’t have them because they didn’t have a warrant and that answer to this was her office was actually a crime scene so it wasn’t needed.  The files they found was the photo’s that they had on Luke Cage the bartender she had one of the most awkwardest sex scene ever seen in AKA Ladies.  Luke had been having an affair with married women not that he was aware of it because she had been removing her ring so when the police came knocking about the files in Jessica’s office Jessica came clean and turns out that the husband goes after Luke.  Will Jessica help him?

Jessica getting to know her Neighbours

Jessica wanting Jeri Hogarth to represent Hope as she seems to be the best lawyer in town is refused because Jeri only takes on cases that are not a straight up loss.  Jessica reveals that Hope was controlled by someone and that she knows because she was, however, that wasn’t enough for her, but she tells Jessica that if she gets some more evidence that this guy exists then she will represent Hope.  Jessica starts her search by going back to the scene of an accident and piecing together which hospital he would have gone to and then trying to find his records of which she can’t find any however she does find something abnormal.

The Verdict

AKA Crush Syndrome really does throw this world wide open.  Jessica finds out some interesting facts about some of the other main characters and the show continues to drip feed the viewer little snippets of information about the characters.  The stand out dynamic this episode was Jessica and Trish.  Here is someone that doesn’t seem to make friends easily and now is actively pushing people away because of the threat of her past and yet there seems to be something there between Trish and Jessica.  The episode the viewer now has a name for the threat from the past and that is Killgrave.  Krysten Ritter continues to impress with how well she fits the role.

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