Legends Season 1 Episode 10 “Identity” Review

Identity continues from where the Wilderness of Mirrors where Martin is still hot on the trail of someone called John Cameron.  This is something that shows Martin exploring just how he was connected with Verax and that they might be plotting to an assassination.

All the trauma of the last few episodes the entire main character base is in turmoil the DCO is under fire because of the way they failed to defend the US from a politically sticky situation along with the board questioning how effective the department is after Martin’s family get taken.  The way the team has pulled together to protect each other is really good because part of the major storyline is Martin not knowing who to trust and the viewer all the way through this season has taken twist and turns.  Martin will get help from some of the most unexpected places as the truth comes out and he pieces together his identity.

Martin still in Search of Identity and Verax connection

The team coming together isn’t enough though as Martin is kidnapped and makes a shocking discovery who John Cameron really is and he gets put into a very difficult situation.  The other problem with this situation makes the team take stock of their position and some have to close ranks and look after their own.

The Verdict

Identity is a really good end to a good season, it has left so much open and yet answered so many questions that it has asked.  This is a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s true Martin now knows more about his background, however, is forced on the run because of it and because he is on the run he is still looking into his identity.  Will he be able to put an end to Verax and the Reign of Fire?


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