Supergirl Season 1 Episode 4 “Livewire” Review

Livewire starts with a highly explosive beginning where the viewer sees Supergirl dealing with an escaped prisoner at the DEO.  When dealing with the escape she gets a call from Alex asking where she is because their mother is incoming and Alex seems nervous about the impending arrival.

Kara trying to take control of a volatile Friendsgiving

The theme of family rivalry is continued as well with the fact that Alex has always felt like she could never do anything right in her Mother’s eyes and from an outsiders point of view this is true.  The episode does a really good job of showing flashbacks where Kara and Alex are kids and when in trouble Kara seems to only get a warning whereas she starts to come down heavy on Alex.  Centred around Thanksgiving and the fact the power had gone out in the storm at KatCo. Cat calls in Kara to help her with the computer systems so she can carry on working and they also discuss the dynamic between Mother and Daughter relationships.  This does show a softer side of Cat where Kara opens up to her as well in the way that she reveals her parents died when she was young.  Is this going to build something bigger for them?  The scenes where Cat and Kara are together suggests that Cat might soon put two and two together and work out Kara is Supergirl.

Cat and Kara as Livewire visit’s KatCo

Cat and Leslie (Livewire) have an interesting dynamic it seems as if she is Cat is her mentor in a meeting before the storm where Cat warns her off Supergirl.  This prompts Leslie to be put on traffic watch and the helicopter to get into difficult where a lighting strike to Supergirl gives Leslie powers.  This is where Livewire is burn and as Leslie learns how to control her power she goes after Cat.

The Verdict

Livewire is a solid episode that seems to have fixed the problem that Fight or Flight had in the fact that yes Superman was in the catch-up, however, he wasn’t referenced at all this episode.  Livewire herself was a good villain and kept up the theme of Supergirls accidents causing trouble for her to deal with but wasn’t actually focussed on.  While the DEO did say that Livewire would have the power to kill Supergirl the feeling just wasn’t there that she could, even though she held her down.  The way in which the girls had been holding things back from their Mother and it turns out their mother knows more than they think and drops a bombshell on them at the end.  What could it mean for the girls?

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