The Flash Season 2 Episode 6 “Enter Zoom” Review

Enter the Zoom shows Barry and the team go a different direction and be more proactive.  The season and previous has seen The Flash being very reactive in the fact that he waits for threats and enemies to appear to then deal with them.  This time, however, he wants to do it differently and draw Zoom out.


Barry again seems to be dead set on trusting Wells and the idea of using Linda Park to draw Zoom out has Joe all up in arms.  Joe doesn’t think that Barry should trust Wells and should wait but Barry being quite headstrong this season goes along with it.  The idea is that if Dr Light saw the need to kill her doubleganger then they could use that lure Zoom to their world and deal with the threat once and for all as he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them.  Linda agrees and in order to make it convincing Cisco and Wells work together on some gloves to allow her to display the powers that Dr Light has.  As Zoom just wants her to get the centre piece of Barry’s Flash uniform, and they badly reenact the scene.

Cisco and Wells working together

Zoom does come however and comes up with a huge showdown.  The character as well holds a lot of menace and because he has been built up so much it works really well.  In other areas Patty plays a little part in the episode, however, isn’t in the forefront warning Joe about the dangers of Dr Light.  However, Joe doesn’t show her the same trust still holding back the fact he thinks she is safe in Star Labs.  Patty still yet to visit.  Cisco as well is still trying to get to grips with his powers and finds himself trying to read Wells and Wells try to stop it from happening however Cisco sees the truth.

The Verdict

Enter Zoom is a good follow on from The Darkness and the Light with the subplots moving back into the background more and the team concentrating on the threats more.  A really good performance by the team with seemingly more character development with even the darkest of characters being given hope, along with a huge cliffhanger or bombshell at the end.

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