The Flash Season 2 Episode 5 “The Darkness and the Light” Review

The Darkness and the Light carries on from The Fury of Firestorm in the fact it throws the viewer straight back into the storyline that Barry has seen Harrison Wells.  The problem that faces the team is do they trust Harrison Wells from Earth 2?

Iris standing up to Dr Light

The major storyline in this episode, however, is the new breach and introduction of Dr Light, while the team are trying to put together the piece and deciding whether they can trust Harrison Wells, the new introduction causes even more issues for the team.  Jay The Flash from Earth 2 tells Barry that he can reason with her because she isn’t a danger which Harrison disagrees with because she is under Zooms power, which in his mind changes her.  This has ramifications for Barry because in the first in counter with Dr Light he tries to talk to her and actually ends up blind because of it.  Which is quite ironic because Barry spends a bigger amount of time injured than he has so far in the show when fighting against someone that is not considered a huge threat.

In their personal lives, the majority of the main cast has some sort of luck.  Patty and Barry actually sort themselves out and goes on a date, which also has an interesting twist to it because of Barry’s newly found injury.  With romantic encounters appearing for others, that might not be expected.  The theme of the episode was fear, no matter what is happening to in their worlds they can’t let fear hold them back and even the person you least expects has a fear or something holding them back.

Cisco making his move

Dr Light was a more interesting adversary for Barry because up until now they have been people that were on the dark side of the line.  Criminals that were happy to step the other side of the line and kill or hurt someone, whereas she is obviously conflicted.  Dr Light is still a criminal, but she was looking for a way to get away from Zoom and not hurt anyone it seemed.

The Verdict

The Darkness and the Light is a solid episode and quite refreshing in some respects. The season is starting to make the characters more human they are showing them away from the whole save the world which is refreshing.  The major issue coming from this episode is that it’s out of sync a little with the beginning of the season because Barry was the one that didn’t want people close to him and now he seems to be the one that is bringing everyone together and even trusting Harrison.  Which seems like he could have been the wrong character to do that, that role may have been better suited to Caitlin or Cisco.

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