The Flash Season 2 Episode 4 “The Fury of Firestorm” Review

The Fury of Firestorm doesn’t continue straight away with the major cliffhanger at the end of Family of Rogues knowing that Harrison Wells has walked through the portal and is now part of The Flash’s world again.  It continues on with Dr Stiens current medical condition and the issues that Joe and Iris are having with the return of Francine West.

Caitlyn and Barry Helping Dr Stien out of bed

All the subplot stuff that has been going on actually had The Fury of Firestorm step away from the negative that Barry has been chasing in Meta-Humans and had him go after people that could be affected but for good.  This is a welcome change because the constant reminder that only Barry and Ronnie were really good with their powers.  The search for a meta-human that could be enhanced to help them on their quest.

The Iris storyline, however, takes quite a few twist and turns with the truth coming out about why her mother is really back and once that is revealed Iris goes after more information about her mother.  This now means that Iris holds a secret about her mother but will she tell her father on will she opt to protect him like he did her?

Barry and Patty another awkward moment

Finding the perfect Meta-Human for the problem at hand brings the team into some serious problems.  Although previously stated there wasn’t a huge Meta-Human threat on further thought there was but it took a back seat to the other subplots that were being explored.  Caitlyn invertible rushed into a decision that actually caused the team some serious issues, and that was a reoccurring theme to the episode you can’t always see what is the simplest answer being the right one.  As Barry still isn’t that aware of Patty’s and his mutual attraction.

The Verdict

The Fury of Firestorm” was a change up in The Flash season so far with a further venture into the character’s private lives while striving to keep Central City safe from Meta-Humans.  Not quite as fast paced as previous episodes with less of emphasis on the threats that are still out there for Barry and the team.  Speaking of which Jay Garrick seemed to be missing from this episode which was strange because although the episode didn’t really need him in there having made the huge decision to stay in Family of Rogues you’d expect him to feature in the next episode.

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