Legends Season 1 Episode 5 “Rogue” Review

Rogue starts off with the mandatory physic evaluation after every stint undercover.  As the viewers saw at the end of Betrayal Martin Odium was really struggling with the turn of events, the connection that he had with Ana although on the wrong side of the law the viewer got the impression that he really did care about her and definitely didn’t want her killed.

Martin starts Rogue back in the physic consult like they do at the end of any mission and with his current state of mind and no real threat to a city/country he finally gets deemed not safe for work.  The call is Crystals this time not gates, with this decision though it allows Martin to spend more time thinking about the fact that McCombs has told him that what he thinks his true identity is, isn’t real.  There are some really good scenes with his wife this episode, that slowly and surely puts more doubts in his head as things start to fall into place and he tries to make sense of it all when doubt gets the better of him he goes rogue with Maggie’s help.

Martin as the Gunslinger thinking about his next move with his informant

Maggie and Martin come up with a Legend that is a Texas born Cowboy that has been born a century too late and with a careful past.  Though Martin is ever so paranoid with the safety of Maggie, as he remembers what happened to Bobby when he last asked him to help him off the record.  As the story unfolds there seems to be a reoccurring theme and that is that Martin might not have been in the a car crash he might have been in Iraq.  The other toss of the coin Rice and Crystal are looking into the McCombs and Martin, of which are slowly piecing the pieces together slightly slower than Martin, though.

The Verdict

Rogue is a well-paced episode, being slightly slower than Betrayal and rather than focusing on the action and having that urgency.  They slow it down to enable the viewer to see the true skill in being undercover and investigating.  Martin could find himself being double-crossed here and what was first thought of being some psychotic episode from someone with a personality disorder could actually be a huge conspiracy theory.  The episode ends on a huge cliffhanger so even though it did have action but focused on the investigation during this episode the final scene leaves the viewer wanting the next episode

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