Minecraft Story Mode Episode 2″Assembly Required” Review

Minecraft Story Mode Assembly Required continues from the first episode “The Order of the Stone” with the team realising they need to work together in order to bring together the group The Order of the Stone in order to save the world.

The Order of the Stone was a promising start, it set the adventure and had some good humour in it, however, this episode was coming up short every time.  Assembly Required only took an hour to complete and the humour that was there has seemingly disappeared and, all in all seemed rushed.  The decisions in the episodes are a bit meh because you just don’t get the feeling that they really make much difference to the game because there are no cliffhangers or consequences seemingly to the decisions.  The reason for this is because you are upsetting some people, but other characters will go around and mop up the situation.

Jesse, Oliva and Reuben in search of members of THe Order of The Stone

The only upside to this episode from Telltale is the authenticity of the environment the characters find themselves in, everything is true to Minecraft so the player can’t complain too much about that and maybe that is what is limiting Telltale a little with the series.  That said however the all the drama that they are trying to put into the story just doesn’t seem to have a bearing on the decisions.  In previous episodes of Telltale games although the combat is relatively easy the player had to be quick on the controls and although this episode had quite a bit of action in it and combat, it didn’t feel like there was an urgency to get the buttons in the right sequences.

The Verdict 

Assembly Required is a huge let down especially after how well the latest Tales from the Borderlands Episode was just two weeks earlier.  The constant arguments the characters have seemed to be about the past and that really doesn’t determine what decisions really need to be made.  The hope is that this quality of episode where the characters feel detached from the decisions isn’t continued and that they maybe take a little bit more time over the episode.

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