Supergirl Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Review

Supergirl (Kara Danvers her earth name) is the elder cousin of Superman in which she was sent in a shuttle just after him to be there to protect him as he grew.  The problem became that she got caught by the blast of their home planet Krypton and forced into a hole where time never passes, somehow she managed to escape that hole and end up on earth.  When she finally made earth she was actually now younger than Superman and he had no need for her to protect him like her original mission had been so she was given to a foster family by Superman and had decided that she would live a “normal life” not use her powers as in her eyes she had no mission and the world didn’t need another hero.

Kara Danvers can be seen working for an Online and Publication company as the owners assistant, in which she seems to be enjoying life working with a successful and formidable female.  Even in the early stages of the episode the show gives the viewer the feeling although happy that she isn’t using her power she isn’t happy that her male cousin is able to make such and difference and that is why she is attracted to Cat Grant.  When something puts her foster sister (Alex Danvers) in trouble she can no longer not use her powers and with that her whole life seems to shift.  Kara wants to make a difference with her powers and wants to use them for good.  The interesting thing about this whole situation is that although Kara and Alex seem really close, Alex is holding quite a big secret from Kara and it could end up putting them both in danger.

Supergirl getting to grips with her powers

Vartox is the first villain that she faces and although this really well played and was well suited to the episode it was more of a subplot and although it has paved the way for the season, it didn’t have a huge impact on the episode.  The reason for this is because the viewer got the impression he was a threat and Kara did struggle with him but the emphasis wasn’t on the actual villain and threat, it was more to do with Kara’s own demons and whether she was really good enough to where the S symbol.

The Verdict

A solid start and although it was really put together to understand where Supergirl fits into the universe, the concentration on the fact that this was a female lead and the struggles around there was too much.  The episode really focused on how Supergirl was always in Superman’s shadow and that there was a need for girl power. That all said though it had a good balance of action and drama.  The show isn’t as fast paced as The Flash at the moment, but this does seem to have huge potential.

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