The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 “Family of Rogues” Review

Family of Rogues is an interesting switch for The Flash, in this episode the viewer see the return of the Snart duo but with another member of the family.  When the episode starts Lisa Snart goes to Cisco for help thinking that her brother is kidnapped, not sure whether to trust her the team ask some questions and when it looks like she’s lying they find an interesting discovery.

Will the team trust Lisa?

In Flash of Two Worlds last week it was established that Jay Garrick was The Flash in some sort of parallel universe, and now trusted the team and Jay are trying to stabilise the portal so that they can get Jay back to his own world and find out how Zoom is sending people to try and kill Barry.  The two cliffhangers for Flash of Two Worlds was the fact that Harrison Wells is still alive and seemingly got himself to the head of Star Labs in the alternative universe.   The other cliffhanger was the return of Iris’s Mother that she thinks is dead, but who is Joe going to turn to for advice?  Barry give him some advice and what amazed me was how well Barry took it because he could see where he was coming from will Iris do the same?

Will Leonard Snart do the right thing?

The Snart’s are the focus of this episode with the subplots mentioned being solved or being hinted at.  This is huge because Snart’s are the only villains other than Harrison Wells that has really stayed around and the way that they are changing the characters having them develop a bit further is huge.

The Verdict

Family of Rogues is a really well put together episode they have developed the Snart characters and left the viewers in a doubt to which side they are really going to end up on, they are criminals but whether they are as outright nasty is up for debate after this episode.  The episode also ends up on a cliffhanger and the want for the next episode this time is huge.  The action scenes were really well done and the other Snart family member was also really well done, the viewer got a full picture of his personality in a short space of time and makes you feel for Leonard and Lisa.

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