Spectre Movie Review

Spectre is the twenty-fourth James Bond Movie and Daniel Craig’s fourth in which they do something different.  Spectre actually brings together all the previous movies that Daniel Craig has been in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall and illustrating that even James Bond can go up and find organise crime with some interesting twist and turns along the way.

Spectre starts with James being in Mexico after two men, off the books because it has been instructed by the previous M (Judi Dench).  However for the current M (Ralph Fiennes) it causes problems because not a sanction mission and MI6 being under attack by Max Denbigh (C) that is the head of the Joint Intelligence Service that insist the 00 section is old fashioned and needs to change. For this reason, M forces Q to put some tracking blood mechanism in Bond so they can track him no matter where he is.  Though Bond intends to carry on with the wishes of the previous M’s which puts Q and Moneypenny in a very awkward position.

As the Joint Intelligence agenda is pushed and looking like it’s going to win the current M realises the fate of the old ways and MI6 actually lands on the shoulders of Bond because he is the only one that can bring down the force behind the new initiative.  While this is the main plot there are some very unexpected developments throughout the movie and adds even more depth to the James Bond character.  The action scenes were really well done and the importance of James’s mission slowly built up as the story moved on.  James in the beginning just felt like he was going rogue as only James does but as the story developed it really captured how important that mission actually was.

James and Madaline Swann waiting for a lift

The Verdict

Spectre is a really enjoyable action movie.  It had slightly less action in it than other Bond movies but made up for it with twists and turns along the way.  The acting was as you would expect from such a big franchise really well done but there was no stand out performance, other than the leading roles as you would expect.  It would be a very good ending to Daniel Craig’s stint as Bond or even an end to Bond if it was needed.  Well worth a look.

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