Legends Season 1 Episode 4 “Betrayal” Review

Betrayal starts off right where Lord of War ended which is a change for this show so far because it has a habit of changing the focus and making you what for the questions it asks in previous episodes.  Dante Auerbach (Martin Odium) has been asked to test the VX Gas that he is supposed to be buying putting him in a position in which he might have to kill a man.  This is something that the viewer can see doesn’t really come easily to him because he doesn’t know who the man is and whether he really deserves it but has to go through with it to gain the trust in order to do the deal.  It is the cost of one life for many in the end that prevails.

Now that he has gained the trust of Yuri he then requests a thumb drive so that he can wire him the money for the deal, and rearranges a pickup point.  Everything going according to plan he relaxes and has a surprise visitor the night before the deal Ana.  Ana and Dante’s relationship the viewer can see building the feeling that there could be more there than having fun and vetting each other out, but it short lived when the deal goes ahead and the FBI make the hit.  Now Dante gets out with Ana and then comes clean about his identity but Yuri doesn’t know he’s an undercover FBI agent and this is where the fun begins.  After the successful arrests, they find out that the gas they have is hair spray and that VX gas is going to let off all over the city if they don’t let Yuri go and this leaves them with a dilemma especially as the Legend is blown to one-half of the villainous duo.  But is there a way of splitting them up using their past?

Dante and Ana going for the great escape

Although the episode is solely aimed at the VX gas problem there is enough time to have further developments into Tony Rice’s case against Martin in the fact an eyewitness confirms that Martin didn’t or kill the homeless guy.

The Verdict 

Betrayal is one of the slower paced episodes of the show so far but has a wide variety of emotions and drama to the story.  Martin Odium getting closer to Ana it allows there to be even more of a rift between him and Crystal.  While also having events happen that question just how fit he is to do his job.  This episode though was missing the glimpse into his family life and although it was referenced this episode was missing his family.  The little scenes they have been in, have made a huge impact to the story.  Could there be more than one betrayal you’ll just have to watch this episode and find out

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