The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review

The Last Witch Hunter is the latest movie done by Vin Diesel and just in time for Halloween.  The movie is centered around Kaulder (Vin Diesel) where he was part of a group of men that went Witch Hunting 800 years ago where he became immortal and from then on he has been the only thing that stood in between the humans and the witches and stopping the war between the two groups.

The Last Witch Hunter, plays on the medieval belief that Witches can bring on huge diseases mainly The Black Plague.  This was referenced early on in the movie and it was a reoccurring threat in the movie, but not the only driving force for Kaulder.  Kaulder was someone that didn’t seem to get attached to someone however what really pushes him into war for want of a better word is the death of his handler Dolan 36 (Michael Caine).  He then goes on a one-man crusade to try and find out who did the deed and to get revenge with some very interesting twist and turns as you go through the story.  The story is very well put together because Kaulder has the ability to see the world in a very black and white view, but he doesn’t and even though he has a hard time trusting people he finds help and trust in one of the most unlikely of places.  Which adds more to the character and the story.

Kaulder ready to take on the Queen

The story and plot were ok but what really made this movie is the action scenes, they were really well done and well placed. The balance between drama and action was really well done because the viewer was never really left to stop and think because of the pace of the movie, it just had the balance right.

Vin Diesel as always was really good but the stand out performance by far Rose Leslie.  The leading lady did really well even if she didn’t say “You know nothing Jon Snow”.  Not taking anything away from Elijah Wood or Michael Caine either but she was the stand out performance and made the role her own.

The Verdict

The Last Witch Hunter, is a well-paced action movie with a very strong storyline.  The performance by the cast is also really well done but even though it was a positive experience and enjoyed, it felt like something was missing.  It didn’t have that you must see movie feeling even if it was enjoyable and had no really negative points that stood out.  If you’re at a loose end and want to see something this is that movie but it’s not a must see.

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