The Flash Season 2 Episode 2 “Flash of Two Worlds” Review

Flash of Two Worlds” carries on from where “The Man Who Saved Central City” left off after uttering those famous words that Star Labs is as secure as it has ever been and no one is going to get in here without anyone knowing, someone walks around the corner.  It’s Jay Garrick and with it, he comes with some grave news as always some danger is coming for Central City.

Jay with The Flash as his Alter ego

After such a rough ride in Season 1, The Flash (Barry) is finding it had to trust people and now that he has got his friends and family back helping him, having a stranger to add to the mix proves a little too much for him.  At the beginning of the episode, everyone is on edge about the arrival of Jay that turns out to be from another Universe and Barry has Caitlin run some tests on him to try and determine he is who he says he is.  As Iris points out since the end of Season 1 Barry has been someone different that ability to trust people is what made him different the character that he is, and that he needs to find that again.

Joe has his own trust issues to deal with or need to work on his own.  Since the singularity, no one has wanted to join his task force to track down and detain Meta-Humans and that seemingly how he likes it because Patty Spivot wants to join his team and he doesn’t know why or seemingly doesn’t want her to be on the team.  Harrison Wells has seemingly had a giant impact on the team none more so than Cisco even if he is keeping his problem away from everyone else and only telling Dr Stien when forced to as the Doctor was starting to piece together the puzzle.

Patty Spivot meets The Flash for the first time

All these trust issues aside and further developments the viewer sees that the team can work together even with relative strangers to defeat the Sand Man.  The Sand Man was brought in by a character that has not yet really featured in the show only by name called the Zoom.  The Zoom as he is being described by Jay being from the same Universe shares similar characteristics as Wells and seemingly wants Barry died.

The Verdict

Flash of Two Worlds, was always well paced with the right balance of action and drama.  The way that this episode really opened up the issues that other characters had after such a hard hit to the team at the end of Season 1 was really well done and now moves onto introducing new characters which can only help the show.

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