Legends Season 1 Episode 3 “Lord of War” Review

Martin Odium introducing himself to some contacts James Bond Style

Possible Spoilers

Legends “Lord of War” carries on from the previous episode “Chemistry” where it has become common knowledge that the innocent Chemistry teacher was actually a chemical weapons developer for a Russian gang in a previous life.  It has also come to light that they are planning to sell it or at least develop it on US sole and in which case it’s up to the FBI to stop this threat.

The beginning of the episode holds quite a different view to what the previous two had portrayed which was something different.  The previous episodes at the beginning had made sure they viewer knew that Martin Odum was having some really mental disorder issues brought on by his job, this episode, however, he was in legend (under cover as Dante Auerbach) and  at the beginning and was playing quite a confident role and his identity didn’t seem in question.  Although further into the episode the viewer does see the higher ups in the Agency question whether Martin Odium should be undercover and Martin himself seem to really feeling the effects of his problems with a very good scene with his family.

Lord of War, actually had a feeling of James Bond and playboy lifestyle because of the nature of the Legend being an arms dealer as the for the sale is Ana Paulanos in which Martin Odum find their way to bed.  One of the negatives from Chemistry was Yuri’s (Alon Aboutboul) performance and not having a menacing aura that as a villain would be looked for, this episode the problem was changed as he gets his hands dirty instead of having others do his dirty work.  Tony Rice also plays a huge part in this episode showing just how even law enforcement can be hugely political and possibly corruptible with how Gates has threatened him in order to stop the investigation on Martin Odium even if it’s for the greater good.

The Verdict

Lord of War really did fix some of the issues that were previously stated in Chemistry and has increasingly brought Martin Odium’s character into question having his character in situations that really does question however he will go.  While the story is heavily focused around him and Crystal being the leads this episode not only does well in making the audience believe that he’s having issues and asking will he save Richard Hubbard (The Chemistry Teacher) and his family and get the chemical weapon, but they also brought the support staff to the forefront.  The stand out performance in this episode was Maggie Harris (Tina Majorino).

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