Legends Season 1 Episode 2 “Chemistry” Review

This episode of Legends Chemistry see’s a seemingly innocent family get pulled over by the police for a driving offence to the confusion of the Father because he didn’t know what he had done wrong.  It turns out that he is wanted by the Russian Mafia in order to make an illegal chemical weapon in the U.S.

The Team getting breifed on who the Chemistry Teacher really is

Possible Spoilers 

In Episode 1 Martin Odum was having a crisis of identity after coming back from an undercover operation for the FBI.  Odum seemingly struggles with his identity and the ability to stay out of character when he is introduced back to his life.  He had spent 6 months undercover completely cut off from the rest of the world that he knew and as he was adjusting back to normal life he noticed he had a stalker.  Someone that seemingly has mental issues and can see how he might be struggling but doesn’t want to admit it to anyone and just wants to carry on working has a colleague Bobby look into the identity of his stalker who does but dies all of a sudden.  Odum also has his identity furthermore questioned based on the fact this stalker had arranged to meet him at a train station but before Odum can get to him he is stabbed, not before convincing Odum that what he believes his real identity Martin Odum might, in fact, be a legend.  This carried on Chemistry right from the beginning as Martin is getting evaluated and seemingly dodging the questions, which causes more tension between him and Crystal.

Stand off between Martin Odum and Tony Rice

This episode seems to slow down from the pace of the previous one and felt a little pulled in too many directions.  Bobby and this stranger’s death though mentioned and caused some issues with other departments seemed to be brushed over and the main plot for the episode took centre stage, not that there is anything wrong with that as other shows like Castle do this really well take a separate subject but keep underlying issues just niggling away at the viewer however in this case it just felt like it could do with a little more attention.  The plot, however, does now become a war on two fronts because inadvertently Odum while enquiring about the homeless guy that had been stalking him has triggered the suspicions of a Detective by the name of Tony Rice who now has him under surveillance.

A solid performance once again by all the main cast but the casting this episode has to come into question Yuri played by Alon Aboutboul, being the major villain this episode didn’t seem to have that menacing aura that is expected from a villain or Russian Mafia type.  The actions and story of how it all has unfolded had that, but his personal presence didn’t instill that fear or coldness a viewer has come to expect.

The Verdict

Chemistry is another solid episode of Legends but sometimes felt as if they have left too many questions open while starting something new.  This adds intrigue but when certain points of the story feel like the deserve more attention it just feels a little lacking. They did also slow the pace down, but that didn’t really deteriorate from the episode due to the fact there were well-placed action scenes.

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