Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1″The Order of the Stone” Review

Possible Spoilers

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 “The Order of the Stone” is the first episode of the latest story to be told by Telltale Games.  They have taken the Minecraft Universe and brought it life in a way that only Telltale can.  The series is available on PS4, PS3, XBOX One, XBOX 360, PC, MAC, Andriod and IOS stores respectively.

Minecraft has quite a cult following already for its endless adaptations and the ability to build an entire universe of your own.  The game itself gives you the ability to take a blank canvas and build a community or a world of the player choosing.  Having this blank canvas however it does give Telltale quite an open goal with the game because the lack of back story or bases means that don’t have to worry too much about what they create, the other point to take from this by being so open and having a relatively open canvas it means Telltale doesn’t have a story to base it’s off like other series it’s done.

The Order of the Stone starts off with a choice between what Jesse looks like which is different to other productions by Telltale as in this case the main character isn’t entirely set in stone.   The point to notice here is the fact the main character can be male or female because the name that has been picked is unisex.  The story begins where Jesse is with a group of their friend discussing the building competition they were about to enter.  The guest star in this competition is one of the group that according to legend had defeated a dragon, while discussing the guest the group goes back to what the group did and gives the player a good idea of the back story.   While at the competition there are a wide arrange of characters that seemingly add depth to the game and makes the community feel a whole load more complicated than it needs to be but leads for some really good dialogue.


The Minecraft Group from Story Mode

As the story develops through the episode it becomes very dark and has so many references to the original game Minecraft.  The player comes into contact with the creepers, sheep, spiders, chickens and to top it all off Jesse has a pet pig Reuben along with the need to build swords and solve puzzles.  Although there is quite a lot of help around for Minecraft, although completely open it is a giant puzzle for the most part as players never really know what they can build and cannot build.

In true Telltale style, they have done a really good job with the graphics in the game, although not the most spectacular due to the nature of Minecraft.  The player is really submerged into the game and all its quirky little features.  The one negative to take from this episode is although its action based and the player has quite a few activities there just doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of quick action scenes where there is a need to be that quick on the controls like The Tales from the Borderlands.

The Verdict

The Order of the Stone is a promising and dark themed episode that has really captured the essence of Minecraft.  Even though the plot seems quite dark Telltale has done a really good job of keeping something dark quite light hearted and in keeping with Minecraft’s fun for all the family kind of approach.  The graphics are really good but might not be to everyone’s taste as it is just like Minecraft with a lego effect.  It would be a must play for Telltale fans and Minecraft-alike.


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