The Flash Season 2 Episode 1 “The Man Who Saved Central City” Review

Possible Spoilers

The Flash is the a show that is based on a DC Comic, where there is an explosion that affects a small number of people in Cental City and makes them what is called meta humans.  These metahumans all have special powers and it would seem that two people out them all are using their powers for good Barry Allen (The Flash) and Ronnie.

The Man Who Saved Central City starts with some sort of flashback or daydream of Barry Allen’s where he is taking out some of the well-known criminals from Season one, and it paints a picture of a successful and positive ending to the cliffhanger that was left from Season 1.  This, however, starts to become apparent to the viewer this wasn’t the case and what we saw happen at the end of the last season was actually only half the battle.  It turns out that in order to close the SIngualrity (Black Hole) above Central City Ronnie had to Flame On and help The Flash to close it, and unfortunately in doing so Barry was unable to bring him back with him, in order to use his powers Ronnie has to merge with Dr. Stien and in the event however Barry was able to bring back Dr. Stien. The goes through the emotions and effects it would have on the characters and, for the most part, they are done well.  Caitlin has moved away from star labs into the Rival Labs and Cisco is now working with Joe in the Police Department.  No surprise though Barry although still working as the investigator he has isolated himself off feeling guilty about the outcome of the events.

The Flash Squaring of with The Attom Smasher

While Central City wants to give Barry or The Flash the Key to the city as a reward for saving the City there another Atom-Smasher.  As Barry quickly learns he can’t do it alone and after some soul searching he quickly relents and accepts help to defeat this metahuman, after some gentle persuasion.  Although everyone’s reaction to losing Ronnie was well thought out this is where the episode slides a little when Barry finally decides he needs help he goes to Caitlin, and she is very forgiving.  It turns out she was blaming herself and the conversation they have been good, but it could have been so much more, she had the most to be angry about but it just wasn’t shown and kind of skipped over.  The other big thing to note is that Dr. Wells leaves Star Labs to Barry, but only if you watches something.  This video has something that could help Barry with something that has driven him throughout the previous season.  As always the next threat to Central City is made at the end of the episode with very little knowledge to go with it.

The Verdict

The Man Who Saved Central City is a strong start to the new season with a solid performance by the main cast, who have really grown into their roles.  Though it does let itself down not having Caitlin being so passive to the loss of Ronnie.  However, it was well paced with enough action and intrigue to have the viewer on the sofa for next week’s episode.

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