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Hit & Miss is Sky Drama production about a Transexual Hitman.  Mia born Ryan seeming to have landed into a high-paying profession in order to pay for her operation as she is pre-op.  Where the story gets even more interesting, she gets a request to become a guardian for a family that has just lost their Mum.  Mia turns up and has to announce that she is one of the boys father while looking female.

Mia being a Hitam or contract killer people would expect her to be able dis-attach her feelings to hit the objective and for the most part she does.  The problem is all that confidence doesn’t seem to relate to her personal life and although you have Mia doing quite a strong profession she does seem quite insecure about her appearance and sexuality.  Which the viewer gets a good idea of the issues this conflicted character has as the series progresses.  This was achieved by some really good acting and, to be honest, a well-written story.  This was due to the well-timed family moments against Mia getting pulled back into the world because instead of saving for her operation now has to provide for a family.

Character development through this series is a common quality that most characters have because the viewer gets to see how Mia’s influence affects the family of which she has acquired.  There was quite a few issues that have been addressed in just 6 episodes and added such a different depth to the characters, that is so rarely seen in recent TV shows (for the most part because the TV producers expect the show to run for a few seasons).  As a viewer because the show seems quite fast paced the viewer might have trouble identifying how many issues are brought up in a subtle way.  As while writing the review more and more issues come to mind.


The acting was very well done in quite a grim environment for you felt all the issues that every character had. The major problem was John played by Vincent Regan wasn’t menacing enough as one of the major villains in the story although he did have a dominating aura he didn’t have that little bit extra the character could have had.

The Story

The story is solid and gives the characters free roam in some respects but with quite a few unanswered questions, the viewer doesn’t get enough answers in my opinion.

Hit & Miss deserves a mention and although covering a vast of subjects in life, gets a 4/10 because although it was really well put together and kept the viewer wanting to watch one more episode, the problem comes with the ending.  It did feel like it was left open and could have gone further, in some respects perhaps to the writers expected it to.

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