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Grammarly is a service in which helps people with their Spelling and Grammar, which is nothing new but what is different is it has a Web Browser plugin.  Suffering from dyslexia it does provide some obstacles when producing documents and blog posts, so when a friend of mine mentioned Grammarly I thought that I would give it ago.

What makes this different to other programs and services I have used in the past is that as far as I have seen if there is a text input in a web browser then it works.  I must admit I haven’t tested that extensively, but it seems to work with Twitch, Facebook, Google Mail and WordPress.  Being across all these platforms is a godsend to me as we know that all the main browsers have spell checkers but they don’t go that extra and check your grammar.

You can produce documents in their own website you really want and it does load into it if you click on to fix issues, but it doesn’t seem to store it on their server even though you do have option to store documents there.  The major bugbear of the service is that you have to sign up for the service which isn’t a huge problem, but a number of emails I have had from them is unbelievable.  They are pushing their premium service, as the free version only gives you basic rules of grammar but I have found that enough in my case.  The premium service works out with a 20% discount $139 a year and me that seems a little expensive for my needs, not that I wouldn’t recommend paying for this awesome service and paying for it if you’re a professional writer.  However where I am at with my writing and work I have no need for the extra and can’t warrant paying such a high amount for the service.  The Premium Service also adds other features such as Plagiarism and will just enhance people’s blogs and writing in the public environment.

Overall I would give the service a 9/10 and a must pick up for anyone that does a lot of writing.  As the free service and even the paid service if you’re in the professional environment.  However if your not going to go premium you are probably better off signing up with an email that is used for the newsletters and emails where you might not be sure about giving out your email because you need to be prepared for marketing mail.

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