Zoo Halfway Through Review

Zoo is the latest TV Show that has really caught my eye, as you know I am watching Ballers at the moment but if I am honest that is more to do with who is starring in it rather than the show catching my interest so far.  Zoo, however, is one of those that was featured by Now TV and I thought why not give it ago and after the first episode it kept my interest.  One of the main reasons although fictional a few days before I had watched a documentary where they were saying that Big Cats were starting to lose their fear of humans because of a virus.

Zoo taps into this theory as the whole plot is based on animals becoming infected with a disease and they animals become aware that they are stronger than humans and that they should fight back.  What makes the show so intriguing is because it highlights what makes us different to animals but also makes you realise that you are not the top predator, not really what makes us top of the food chain is our ability to use technology and develop it.  This show is showing what would happen if the animals of this world didn’t have the fear of us and turned against us.  Something also made me think while watching the series so far, they haven’t touched upon the animals that you’d expect to be turning against humans yet in a fictional work.  At the moment, it has been narrowed down to Mammals, whereas I would have thought they would mention reptiles.

The story for me is really well done I think although you kind of know where each episode is going to go there is another twist or turn the story seems to go.  The acting for me is top notch they really have got the balance right in the characters which always helps it and I think this is going to be a stand out show for me this season for want of a better word.  I would highly recommend that you check this show out as if not only from the philosophical view of power and evolution, but it is also an investigation and chase style program so it gets 9/10 purely because it can be a little predictable and I don’t like giving 10/10.

Have you seen Zoo?  Let me know what you think in a comment below.

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