Esports and the Future

Esports is something that none of you would be very surprised really interests me because it does show how things can evolve.  Now the older generation not wanting to stereotype anyone but they might not get this because to them a sport is not a video game it’s something that your out training for and has a physical element to it.  However to those people I want to just point out probably one of the most popular Esport at the moment League of Legends the pros play the game for 8 hours or more to get to where they are.  If people are investing that amount of time and effort into the game to improve how is it not a sport?  Doesn’t it show that it could be considered a sport like the more traditional ones?

With that rant over the real reason for posting was Rocket Leagues first final in the competitive scene of Esports and throwing its hat into the ring.  This for me is huge because I will admit though new to the Esports scene probably really getting invested into Esports Season 3 of League of Legends.  Not really knowing much about it and like the above people not considering gaming a sport until I’d seen just how competitive and effort that players had put into the game.  I know that League of Legends isn’t the first to start Esports you had Starcraft, World of Warcaft, Counter Strike and Eve (just a few games that sprung to mind could be more) putting together tournaments but League of Legends just seem to push those little tournaments that bit further.

Me scoring first Goal at Rocket League
Me scoring first Goal at Rocket League

Rocket League addition to this list however is huge for me because it’s the first game since knowing about Esports that has really been a new game and thrown its name into the hat.  Only being officially released in July of this year it has had a month and already they are holding events and producing grand finals.  Not that I will say they should take away from traditional sports but I think that it awesome that society looks like its changing and the time and dedication of gamers can actually be rewarded other than that feeling of completing a game.  If you’ve got that competitive edges Esports gives you that outlet.  Of which you can see in me with the way I keep going back to League of Legends.

League of Legends is the dominating game in the Esports scene as said but its good to see Rocket League added to that because it is bringing the tradition game into Esport world.  As it is football (soccer) based game and if i am honest although Fifa has the capacity to be an Esport I haven’t really seen much about it if it is.

How do you feel about Esports?  Which is your favorite let me know if a comment below.

For more information about Rocket League ESports go here

Rocket League Final

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