SEO in WordPress Revisited 2015

Since the huge melt down I had a few years ago with WordPress if I am honest I haven’t really put a great deal of thought or any effort into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because I don’t know when I came back to blogging here at Totalreach I wanted it to be an outlet for what mattered to me personally.  In the back of my mind I wanted it to become bigger and better than it was before but that reality of being that needle in a haystack loomed over me until now.

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What Matters in SEO

Yesterday I had played with caching and without having any stats for you now the blog does seem a little less responsive at times and faster at others, so without proper testing I can’t judge on my success there, at moment but it did reignite something in me.  As soon as I had sorted out the configuration and was happy it was working I wanted to do more.  I wanted to improve my blog which I hadn’t wanted to do in a long time.  I have wanted to post and produce new content but that want to do more technical things to the site just hasn’t been there.

YouTube was my friend again if I am honest it was the next video in the series of Craig Chamberlin, so I settled in listening to his video which was an easy listen I must admit because he wasn’t screen capturing this time it was more of a podcast/discussion with a guest.  This really worked out well for me because it allowed me to write-up my blog on WordPress caching well taking on tips.  There was a recommended plugin Yoast SEO and that was it I was downloading it and listening to what the video had to say.  The bit that hit me first while doing this was that how much things have changed in the few years that I hadn’t been worrying about SEO, for a start now people don’t worry too much about keywords anymore.  They still there but now its more to do with the quality of the post and social side of the internet, all though this isn’t news to me but it’s how much of impact the social side can have on those results.  Also the advice of not getting the archives indexed.

Not getting the archives indexed was a weird one for me because when I was really getting into SEO it was the school of thought then you wanted all your site indexed.  The revelation to me today was that you don’t you want all your posts yes but you don’t want all the archive pages that are created in a blog because it won’t be giving the visitor the information they are looking for really.  It will be giving them a list of posts on a given date or using a given tag in some cases as well, not the specific post/page they are looking for.  What’s the problem with that I hear you ask?  Yes the information they wanted is there but they have to look for it, and in that case you may lose the reading.

New Plugin installed now only time will tell if all my new changes to SEO to see if it makes a huge difference to my little site but only time will tell as you can’t rush the powers that be at Google to index the new link formats and other little changes I have made.

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