Twitch and the Unknown in Streaming

For years now I had always had this idea of streaming because I do enjoy watching streams and I also enjoy playing games if you haven’t already guessed.  While due to geographic location streaming really isn’t/wasn’t an option for me because of the state of our internet speed.  While recently with the purchase of a PS4 and also an upgrade in internet speed (still not quite faster enough being 17 meg up 1 meg down) however good enough for a low quality stream I thought I’d give it ago.

Although I understood, that you’d get lost in the amount of content YouTube has and you’d really have to be unique in order to make a success of that side of things I did think that due to the way in which streaming works you wouldn’t have to be so unique.  The reason for this logic is or was because it’s live and you could be the only one playing that game at the time you’d get the viewers that way.  The other thing is the language thing if you’re the only one playing in people’s native language you’d get the viewer.  Bare in mind now I had streamed The Walking Dead off the PC and ended up finding that I did get the odd visitor without even making it public knowledge.

This time however it seems a little harder so maybe it’s the game that I am playing I am not sure, at the moments the games I have streamed are The Witcher 3 and Rocket League properly and found it, in most cases a very lonely place to be.  That said I know that I haven’t put enough work into the stream to really push for viewers and I know that I probably won’t because the quality of the stream however what I am going to try to do is stream a few hours a day.  The reason for this I want to see if I can get viewers this way, so that when the option of fibre comes along I can make a more informed decision whether or not we really need it.  Due to the fact that with the upgrade to 17 meg that is enough download for me to be honest and I would only be getting the fibre really for the extra upload and that would give me higher quality streams.

So who knows this is a bit of a rant and waffle but that’s where I am up to with my online presence and maybe even see you at


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