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This post is going to be a bit disjointed as I am trying to write these posts from a more personal aspect because that seems to be what Microsoft are trying to achieve from this Operating System and that it is built with user experience in mind.  If I am completely honest with you I do feel that they have done what they have always done and that is Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been.  So I guess the big question is 24 hours on will I be going back to Windows 8 which was on my main machine?  The answer would be no but that’s not to say I haven’t got issues with Windows 10.

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Performance wise it seems ok, but boot up seems a little slower than it was although I didn’t actually time the Windows 8 boot so haven’t got the actual statistics to back it up (kinda of wish I had).  That said though as it was an upgrade and not a clean install this might not be a fair statement so once I have got myself settled and a bit of time I might try to do a clean install and it could improve the performance.  The other thing to note though is that for the first month Windows 10 is holding onto your older installation so you can recover it and go back to Windows 8 or 7 depending on what you had so it might even improve after you get rid of that.  Other performance issues I have found is my Graphics although this isn’t really a reflection on Windows 10 more to do with AMD and their driver, as I did upgrade my driver for my card on Windows 8 about a week ago and found that there was some screen tearing at times, and rolled back the driver to find out that the tearing stopped.  In the rush to upgrade I forgot to check the driver version I was using so could get the non tearing one, but who knows there could be a fix around the corner.

Microsoft Edge is a new feature of the operating system that replace Internet Explorer and to be honest I like the idea, and its feature set but when I was using it, it just felt clunky and I had some issues loading high intensive webpages for some reason even seeing memory usage go past a gig, so for that I quickly went back to Google Chrome.  I don’t think I will ever really leave.

Speaking of Google and there is one huge elephant in the room here and has coursed some really outrage on the internet and with a friend in discussion about it and that’s privacy. There is a whole set of settings for privacy and although this operating system is built around it seems collecting data about us, I would like to say that it isn’t necessarily Microsoft’s fault maybe its the way in which we consume our technology and the services that we want to use?  Although there is a lot more that I could discuss about this issue I feel that it deserves its own post if I wish to discuss the topic.

Privacy Settings for Windows 10

Realizing that this all quite negative in some respects there was one feature that I was very surprised about and that was the Windows Update System has been completely revamped.  No longer do you get the optional updates, so this means that you will always get all the updates installed if left on default and also they operate using peer-to-peer now so would come down even quicker as you’re not relying on Microsoft Servers alone, but there is a downside to this you’ll be uploading patches in the background.  That said though there is an option to turn this feature off or just use it for local machines which is the option I went for.  So my computer will only allow computers on my network to share updates with, thus will actually make it even easier and quicker for the downloading of updates because one computer will download it from Microsoft and then the other two on my network will just take it from the first machine to get the update.  As my network is quicker internal than external you can see the advantage and also if you were on a usage limit for your ISP this now reduces the strain on that just for Windows Update as it means you won’t be needing to download the update 3 times in my case.  This is all providing that the machines are on at the same time.

Windows Update Delivery Settings

Overall I would give my experience with upgrading to Windows 10 a 7/10 and would say that although there are some issues I would recommend people upgrade for free if they can.  As they have sort of reinstated the start menu and I also it does mean the support life of your machine will be longer.

After that really long blog post how have you found Windows 10?  Are you enjoying it or has it been a nightmare?

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