Windows 10 The Trials and Tribulations

Well the last 24 hours or so have been huge in the world of Windows for some others not so much.  The biggest launch of an Operating System to date I would say purely because it has been offered to most consumers for free.

Being quite a techy and having to maintain and solve quite few people’s problems in the area I have to admit I was quite proactive in my approach to this release in the fact that I had decided to get up at 5am my time to try to install it before I got any questions.  This turned out to be a huge mistake because my big machine which was the one that I wanted to do first was just wasn’t getting the pop up and when looking in the Windows Update history Windows 10 Home Upgrade was failing.  Quite aware of time restraints I quickly went searching the Internet to see whether anyone else was having the issue to find out that it was actually being launched midnight of the 29th July 2015 (for those that maybe reading this years on) and others had this problem.  So moving through reddit of all places there was a suggestion that you delete your temporary Windows Update files and the run a command line command to start the download and install process again.  Well to be honest I’d seen this trick done before for update issues and having already backed things up ready for the worst I had nothing to lose.  However was to no avail it didn’t work out for me.

This is where I get a little confused half the day had gone and still nothing for my big machine however a lower spec machine was turned on by another family member and he said I got it shall I install it?  This confused me a little because there I was trying to force the install on my machine and seeing no reason why it wouldn’t have popped up yet only to find that it’s just worked for him. Just as a confidence booster I sat next to him while he did it and the upgrade although taking ages on his machine went really well and I was sat there just giving little bits of advice as needed of which there wasn’t much.  He didn’t need to reinstall anything and everything was just there working, so I thought great not so much to worry about when it comes to others.

24 hours later though sat in front of my machine from when I first started trying to get my machine on Windows 10, I had nothing so I want around looking for another way of getting Windows 10 and I stumbled across this article and although not the way I wanted to do it was an option and had seen the official way of doing it.  So I downloaded the tool and clicked upgrade this PC and what would you know it worked.  I will see though Microsoft or My ISP was throttling the download because I was only downloading at the right of a 2meg line and I am on a 17 meg with no problems.  However after a few hours of downloading and configuring I can honestly say it has been one of the easiest Windows install I have done in years.  That said it isn’t a clean install and I haven’t actually needed or wanted to do an upgrade before.

Windows 10 initial thoughts after about half an hour of use is I quite like it but I need to use it a little longer to write about it so that will be possibly tomorrows blog.  Although this has been a bit of a ramble but if you’re having issues with getting your free copy, just make sure your eligible for it and you meet the requirements I would recommend using the standalone installer if Microsoft haven’t given you the nod yet.  Just a side note that you need to do the upgrade before you can do a clean install just because of the way in which the activation process works.

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