July 2015 Update

While this is no stranger to this blog I have been away for a few a months due to a number of reason which I wouldn’t like to be too public, however there is a new goal and that is with one of the latest development.  In my absence I have purchased a PlayStation 4 and will be looking to bring some more of that content to this blog.  The other development that may help with that is my internet upgrade, at the moment I am still on sub standard internet for streaming but it has been upgraded to ADSL 2+ which in the UK should give me speeds of 17 meg which is great.  The problem really is the upload speed which means I can stream just at low quality.

That said though I have managed to upload some high quality videos to my YouTube Channel from my PS4 quite well, so I may just do that for the time being as well to make sure the quality of the videos on there is high enough.  The biggest problem with that for me is the fact that you can’t record audio on the PS4 for the video so I may have to do record it after on the PC and add it to the video.  The other thing that is holding the video content back is the fact that the PS4 only records in 15 minute intervals which doesn’t help when your goal is to do some let’s plays but I am sure I can come up with some solutions in the future if not Infinite is a schedule to hit a few months so might just upgrade to that as soon as possible.

Hint to what review is coming soon

There is a little clue on what review is coming soon.  I am hoping to put more content together more often and try to get it more related to gaming and TV/Movies as I am going to try to go back to my bread and butter.

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