Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 “High Sparrow” Review

Episode 2 left us with a load of questions and the characters the question that was on everyone’s mind was are we going to get some answers? The answer to that question would be we get some of those answers and the morale of the story is to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Words that were used by Jon Snow and was very fitting for the same mentality was being used all over Westeros this episode.

As a review but more of a recap there will be spoilers

Jon Snow is now the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and he has found himself in an awkward position in the fact he was groomed for the role by the previous Lord Commander but the older guard in the Night’s Watch do not see him as the next in line, which leaves him in the situation where he needs to show them that he’s serious about leading the Night’s Watch and stamp his Authority down. However that isn’t his first problem to deal with in this episode, he needs to deal the presences of Stannis as the Wall hasn’t got the resources to feed his man and the Night’s Watch. It has been a pleasure to see Jon develop into a leader and a man of honour like his Father before him. He does decline Stannis’s offer of becoming Lord of WInterfell but Davos gives Jon food to thought when he gets Jon’s new Steward asked to tell us the oath where it says you will protect the kingdom. Will Jon go North? That is still undecided but what is decided is that Jon now has the respect of the Night Watch where he makes Alliser Throne the 1st Ranger and then beheaded someone when they didn’t follow orders.

Jon getting ready for the beheading

Cersei is another character that is keeping her enemies close because she seems to be making a huge effort with Margaery trying to get on with her, due to the fact that Tommen is married to her. The question for me is who is going to win this battle as the power has shifted, because Margaery managed to persuade Tommen that Cersei might be happier at Casterly Rock.

Jon Snow isn’t the only Stark to step up this episode because Sansa Stark was brought back to Winterfell by Littlefinger to mary Ramsay Bolton. Sansa obviously didn’t really want to go back but after a good pet talk by Littlefinger convinces her of what she needs to do and she returns to WInterfell where we see Reek or Theon Greyjoy. When Reek sees Sansa you see the look where you are starting to see Theon Greyjoy come back through but that something that we will be wondering for a little longer is whether Theon is going to come back or will he remain Reek?

Littlefinger’s Pet Talk to Sansa

Ayra Stark is doing what she does best this episode and its the doing what she needs to survive and we found out a little more about the mystery temple that she finds herself in. They seem to be people who wish to have no face, meaning no identity which is kind of the opposite to Ayra Stark. This seems to be funny to say as she has spent so long trying to keep herself safe and hiding her identity but as all of her family she is proud of who she is and although hides who she is deep down you know that she knows her own identity but this episode you see her almost let that go. She was told that they still see Ayra Stark and she gets rid of all her possessions and close, but when it came to Needle she just couldn’t and to be honest I am glad she didn’t because if that went for me you’d taken the whole identity of that character away. Needle is hidden away and she remains one character that I really want to keep an eye on.

Ayra as she tries to let everything go

Overall I really enjoyed this episode as I do every week but the speed of it was just right this week I don’t think I could have asked for a better episode. Especially with the ending where Tyrion gets kidnapped right at the end by Jorah, and the only thing that hints to where he is taking him is to the Queen but who’s the Queen?

Feel free to discuss the developments below and let me know what character’s journey has entertained you the most.

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