Better Call Saul – Season 1 Episode 1 “Uno” Review

Better Call Saul is the spin-off of Breaking Bad, that focuses on the life of the dodgy lawyer that came good in the end for Walter White.  Spin offs can be worrying due to the fact that they never live up to the success of the original show.

Better Call Saul

Possible Spoilers

The show starts off with some sort of flashback because you see Saul working in a coffee shop feeling seemingly nervous about everything and then he goes back to his place and watches an old commercial of himself as a lawyer, although there was nothing to tell you it was a flashback and to be honest it left the viewer for the entire episode wondering about the timing of the show.  The reason for this is there was no writing on the screen to what time it was whether when the show cut from the black and white scenes and to him as a lawyer whether time had moved, the show seemingly left it up to the viewer.

During the episode you see Saul go from doing the lower ends of criminal work as in representing people with no legal representation to a high-end lawyer in his own right and neither of them really going in the way he would want.  You do get the sense that Saul is driven by money and the fact that he has none would suggest that it is set before Breaking Bad due to the fact he seemed a lot more together in that show.  Even though all these cases and the opening scene seem a bit disjointed the cases themselves he deals with during the episode kind of gives you an idea of why he turned so bent.

After doing the legal aid he is subject to a con attempt and to be fair to the acting you really do believe that his day has gone from bad to worse.  The con was a skateboarder running straight into his car in order to get an insurance scam, but what is interesting although he sniffs them out towards the end of the episode he sorts out their help in a scheme.

Overall the episode felt slow and clunky but redeemed itself at the end with a cliffhanger, at the moment the jury is out to whether its watch worthy with that said though, for me breaking bad was a slow started.  The problem I feel is you know something about the character already and although he shows the same tendencies in both programs the transition is just difficult in this episode.

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