Daredevil Season 1 Presented by Netflix Review

Daredevil is the latest offering from Marvel Studios and a Netflix Original production.  Daredevil is a character from the Marvel Universe that hasn’t had a huge push in recent years as he isn’t part of The Avengers one would think.  He is a blind character that uses his heightened senses in order to take on the honest residents of New York City and what adds more to the character is he is a lawyer.

There is a chance of spoilers in this review.

There has been a movie that was made using the Daredevil starring Ben Afleck but in most cases it didn’t receive the best reviews, but this TV Show just might change it around for the character.  It starts off with Matt (Daredevil) as a youngster and explaining the accident that caused him to go blind, and while the TV series moves on there are flashbacks that show the other events that lead him to want to become a good force for the city and Hell’s Kitchen.  The focus in these flashbacks are mainly to do with the relationship of his father and how for better or worse his father instilled in him that you must not give up and no matter how hard you’re hit you have to keep getting up and fighting back.

The stand out point to this TV Show was how conflicted the villain and hero was, it really added another dimension to the superhero genre I think.  While the show continued through the season you saw how both Matt and Fisk questioned themselves and where they stood, at one point Fisk the villain had the viewer realising that he thought he was doing the right thing.  The problem mainly with Fisk although at this point you saw his intentions were good, it was the way in which he was trying to achieve these goals maintained on the wrong side of the law.  Matt on the other hand, found himself with the issues that he was pushing his friends away trying to keep them safe and also the thought that he might have to kill someone in order to get justice and he was sat there wondering whether the law could actually bring someone so corrupt down.  This is an obvious one for some people, what is so bad with the hero killing the villain?  The problem was asked then though Matt up until this point hadn’t killed anyone and if he did would it change him?  It was crossing that line and he was trying to distinguish whether he was really better than Fisk and the people he was fighting against.

Daredevil Poster from Netflix

The balance of drama and action in this show was just right, it had slow times and probably wasn’t as fast as The Flash moving but I found that the drama sections that slowed up the episodes and season was well placed and added more to the story.  The drama added more dimension to the characters and allowed the viewer to show empathy for all characters even the ones that they were suppose to hate.  The action was well done and the martial arts view of the character was also really well put together but interestingly enough towards the end Matt turned to his roots of his father and showed more of a boxing style of fighting.  Would this show get a recommendation it definitely would however if you’re looking for a fast past superhero show this might not necessarily be the one for you, but Daredevil gets a very well deserved 8/10.  Interestingly enough it has been left with the possibility of continue or ending which was interesting due to the fact TV Shows turned to leave the season wide open or slammed shut depending on what their plans for it was however this one was different, it could go either way.

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