Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 “The War is Coming” Review

The build up for the highly anticipated Game of Thrones Fifth Season was huge and it has lived up to its reputation of being the most pirated TV Show for the last few years, with the first four episodes of the fifth season now being available in the dark places of the internet.  There will be spoilers in this review.

The very beginning of the episode throws the viewer straight back into the story leaving them a little confused in some respects, due to the fact you as the viewer seems to be in a flashback of Cersi Lannister and I know that I was sat there just thinking who are these characters have I missed something?  It does become very apparent you’re in the flashback but as a viewer I just felt a little lost, and with that in mind I couldn’t help but feel like they should have done a bit of a recap, so that the viewer that hasn’t been following the extra programs they get a reminder of what happened in the previous season.

In true Game of Thrones style though you see how all the major players in the game, are having issues within their own houses or alliance while they try to position themselves to make a move forward.  Strange alliances being made when it comes to Varys and Tyrion, they admit that Tyrion can’t sit on the Iron Throne but he can influence the person that gets there and has the power to lead the country to its future.  It was great to see these two misfits come together in such away that the viewer things they can really make a difference.

Stannis however tried to enlist the help of Jon Snow to try to get the Wildlings to fight with him to capture the throne, however you see the conflict that Snow finds himself in because the wildling in question was never going to bend the knee.  During that dialogue the viewer realises that it is all about dignity for the wilding in question and although it results in an execution Snow does go against the punishment of choice, leaving the episode on a bit of cliffhanger wondering how the Snow and Stannis relationship is going to develop from this.

The land lies at the end of the episode where, Jamie and Cersi not on the same page.  Sansa and Littlefinger where on the move and Daenerys has realised that she has lost control of her dragons and they may of even turned against hers.  The episode was good and has been a great setup for the season, while watching though you couldn’t help but feel that it was a little too slow.  The politic was good, however it just seemed that little bit too slow but then you get to the ending and none of that matters,

How did you find the first episode of this season?  Feel free to comment and let me know, these are just a few things that I picked up.

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