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360 Total Security is a free security program that is developed by a Chinese Company called Qihoo, who originally developed the software in order to be a loss leader only in China to help the company develop its other services mainly online advertisement in China.  Having seen the way that the software has helped them expand their user based, they actively expanded into  the global market in 2013.

360 Total Security boasts not one engine but 4 engines in reality though it is only 3 engines as two could be construed as one, due to the fact that they have split its cloud and definition engine into two, along with working with the Avira engine and Bitdefender.  This would be a huge selling point for most because not only have they cornered the Chinese market that would probably know them better but while going global they have incorporated household names in security across the world.

What does all this really mean?  Well it means you’re getting 3 opinions on the files (All of which have good statistics from Third Party Testing centres such as AV-Comparatives), on your computer which can’t be bad and to be honest it’s not even though I have noticed that while running the Total Security with all the engines active it will sit about 200 megabytes of ram that could be a concern for some, however I have not seen a slow down on my machine after 5 days of use.  With that said though if you run the software in balanced mode which is without the Bitdefender and Avira engine the RAM usage goes down to about 40 megabytes of RAM so it’s whether or not you want access to all the engines or whether you need to save on RAM.

The other big selling points for using Total Security as opposed to Security Essential which is its other product in this field is the fact that it combines security and utility, it has a Speedup and Cleanup section where it does exactly what it says on the tin.  It will advice you on what files can be deleted and what programs aren’t really needed on startup.  Also in the Tool Box section the other function is Patch Up and Sandbox, this is a strange one in the fact that Patch Up just allows you to get Windows Updates that your PC needs, which Windows update should already do for you so feels a bit strange and as many other security software a sandbox is a safe place for you to run those programs that you’re not too sure about, however this isn’t automatically done for you like others do it.

Overall 360 Total Security gets an 8/10 however there is a downside to what seems to be a positive review in most respects is you need to know a little bit of what you’re doing because of the false positives that seem to be generated. Although in testing it caught all the malware that was thrown at it, it seems to be having problems with a Steam and Origin game library resulting in a number of games executables being quarantined, that said however it is easy to restore them and add them to your trusted list.  Which is why it is not getting completely removed from my system just yet but why I am holding it off-putting it on others.

360 Total Security can be found here: http://www.360totalsecurity.com/en/

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