Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Review

Possible Spoilers

I will admit that now all the season’s seem to be merging into one, I’ve been sat here watching so many episodes I had to check the previous post in order to remember where we got to.

In the wake of the shooting you see how people deal with the issues, and you see Yang have a complete melt down and the help comes from an unlikely source.  Derek has always said that Meredith and Yang came as a package and see how he starts to take that seriously and it’s quite a break to see them move out of the hospital just for two minutes.  The other thing was in wake of the shooting and where everyone was it become quite heavy and to be honest it was a welcome break to have an episode that took a documentary view on it because it just stopped with the emotion roller coaster just for 10 minutes.

The big twist in the season was in the middle for me and I was left hoping that someone wouldn’t die because of what happened to George previously I was left second guessing it all.  I guess although I felt that it ruined it because George as a character had more to give it has installed a fear that at any point someone could die.  With that all being said at the end of the season although not as upsetting and gory as previous seasons it has left the characters in major turmoil and although no huge cliff hanger has left me wanting to watch more just to see what happens next.

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