Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Review

Possible Spoilers 

This season for me was a little distant because of what happened at the end of the last season, but after seeing all the characters struggle with their issues I did get back into it.  This season also explored new and old characters a like and you find out Chief Webber isn’t as perfect as you think.  Will Derek take advantage of it?

The truth is you see Derek struggle between loyalty and patient safety, and he ends up choosing patient safety and turns out that he loses the loyalty of the staff and you see how he struggles in the new role.  You see him at the top of his career to find out that it wasn’t what he expected, all along the show you got the feeling that it was between him and Bailey to who replaced the Chief in the future.  I always got the feeling that Derek would always go for it, and in the role you just see how he realises that the position/promotion isn’t what he thought it would.

The season finale was a shooter in the hospital and people die and wounded and you see different sides to characters, although this is a reoccurring theme I was a little annoyed to the characters that were killed off because I hadn’t seen enough of the characters to feel attached to them.  You do see the main characters in traumatic situation though.  I really enjoyed the difference in pace of the season even if certain characters were missing.  Although I am thinking of taking a break from show but I am really enjoying it and would highly recommend it.

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