Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Review

Definite Spoilers Alert 

This season was just so weird in the emotional roller coaster ride that is Grey’s Anatomy these days with Izzy now ill and terminally so the team struggle to save her life and you see how that affects all the other characters in the show.  What was confusing to me was how much George backed off and didn’t feature much in the season, although he did see some scenes where by you saw him developed as an individual and not in the gang, this did confuse me a little especially with the ending of the season.

Also while ill Izzie plans Derek’s and Meredith’s wedding and ends up being Izzie and Alex’s wedding so that she can definitely have her big day.  Although great but it left me with the question who actually paid for it all?  We know that it was probably McDreamy but would he really give someone that much money for this?  I could understand Meredith doing it for Izzie but how big it was it seemed a bit flawed to me.  All this season we were dogged with the possibility of death and it came from the most unexpected place.

I was preparing myself for Izzie to lose the battle with cancer and but although the outcome angered me I was really pleased how 007 went out.  I know that it is a huge spoiler but it’s away of not giving it completely away unless you are noticing every detail.  Throwing someone out-of-the-way of a bus and then getting hit themselves was the right way to go for this person I think, however I won’t lie it did annoy me that, that person went out.  The reason being is because although a good way to go out for the character, but I just felt that was one of the character that had more development  still available to it in comparison to other characters.

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