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Once again its time for a change, to give you some back history I have been a huge fan of Giffgaff for years and I liked the way they paid members back for dealing with device support instead of paying people to sit in a call centre to do it, which for the most part gives it very competitive rates.  If I was honest the first 6 months on the network I never paid for my phone because of the payback I had managed to get.  That said though it had taken a lot of time to do and to be honest as the network grew the payback wasn’t as good, not that I am knocking it.

So when I realised that the Orange Wednesdays where you get 2 for 1 cinema tickets worked with my unlimited card so that would mean anyone that came with would get in for free and I would only pay my monthly fee.  So I went over to EE and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised at the signal for years in my area the Orange signal has been terrible, not that it was great I might add.  However the places I actually go I had an awesome 4G signal for the most part and to be honest I couldn’t believe the speeds.  You see the stats but until you start using them yourself being stuck on an 8 meg line for home broadband 20 meg up and down was huge for me.  All that said though there is a huge elephant in the room here EE offers great speeds but they also offer very limited data, admittedly I was on the lowest package but you walked in a 4G area and you can kiss goodbye to your 500 megs of data just by being there I don’t know what it is.  So looking around again for a good deal, I saw Three was offer 4G All you can eat data for £15 a month and I was ok I can do that but knowing from being on Three before that if I was lucky I would get one bar of signal in my house if I was lucky I did some research.  I might add though before going further that as soon as I walk 2 steps up my path I have 3 or 4 bars.

I found the advert for Three in Touch sat here and realising that I was going to go on to pay as you go so never had anything to lose and I am glad I have.  I have been using Three in Touch now for a week and it hasn’t failed me yet, when at home I have my phone in flight mode and turned WiFi on and you’d be surprised just how much that saves your battery.  I haven’t had a chance yet to test speeds properly of the network but things are looking very promising because I am on unlimited data with hopefully the speed along with being able to guarantee signal at home with the WiFi.  Not even the best network in my area being O2 based networks on 2G has signal every where in the house.  I honestly think I would stay with Three just for this app, as it pushes all your calls and messages through the WiFi without anyone else needing any special software.  I know that O2 do offer similar but it’s for their Pay Monthly Customers only.  With rumours going around that Three are going to buy O2 it’s worth watching this space, but I can quite honestly say I am happy Three Customer right now.

Have you used Three in Touch did it have a positive affect for you?

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  1. I use intouch for the same reasons. I dont love it. Very bad sound and everyone complains about it. But i hammer my data so im sticking with three. I’ll try the aeroplane mode then just wifi. It might help. Cheers

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