Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 and 2 Thoughts

This is an awkward one for me to write because I just can’t stop watching this show for some reason and although I am only half way through Season 3 everything seems to be merging into one.   However I thought I would get some thoughts down in writing rather than a full review.

Starting off I would like to say that I know that I am late to the party and from the outset when I took on the TV series, I was discussing it with a friend that said it was similar to House.  I would like to say that although a respect his view I have to disagree to a certain expect.  House gave you the unknown a puzzle for most its episodes, and the emotional entanglement was second, which was what attracted me to House and kept me watching because every week you’d want to see how the characters developed but you would also have some sort of puzzle to solve.  Grey’s Anatomy however for the most part is the other way around and there isn’t really a puzzle to solve, which after the first few episodes I was wondering if it was enough.  That said however there was this bugging feeling wanting to know how characters were going to develop and deal with the situation and I am glad I stuck with it.

To me both TV Shows do an excellent job, in the way they develop the characters.  Will Grey’s Anatomy stay the course?  I don’t know because while I write this post, I have checked the NOW TV app just to find there is 10 seasons and although I seem invested in the characters the question is will it be enough without the puzzles.  I would give Grey’s Anatomy a 8/10 and that I hope it will stay the course but only time will tell.

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