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For months now I have constantly been switching back and forth between Stable and Beta Channel on my Chromebook and to be honest I am not 100% sure why.  However I have no decided where I want my Chromebook and here is why.

First point is that I noticed the other day while set using Tweetdeck that one of my favourite tech YouTuber had followed someone who was Security Consultant for Google Chrome, and on the off-chance I tweeted her and asked what channel she used and whether she used a Chromebook?  This seem a stupid question to most, but for me I thought I’d ask because she could just be a Chrome user and not actually use a Chromebook.  She said that she used a Pixel for work and an Acer for personal which for me was huge, and that she used Canary for some stuff and Beta for others.  As that wasn’t a definitive answer for me I took the chance of replying to her and explained that I had been torn between Stable and Beta and she just said beta was solid and had very little problems with it.  For me that is huge especially when its someone who is working on security all be it they could be biased because they are working on the product but you’d hope that being as its coming from a security stand point it would quite a bit.

Second point over the last couple of months I’ve been signed up to the Chrome Release Blog so that I knew what updates were coming out when.  The reason for this was because previously I would see people saying that Chromebook Stable would get an update and I would be set at my machine wondering where my update was and what I found out was Google although they boast your always up to date, they actually stagger the update on the stable channel.  For reasons I can only guess, my best bet is so that they can lower the strain on the servers, this is where for me Beta wins because too my knowledge beta has never been late landing.  Today being a prime example I noticed on my Google Now that Chrome release blog had posted 2 hours ago so I turned on my Chromebook within 5 minutes I was notified that I needed to restart.

So with these two points in mind I think I am going to keep beta channel unless something goes drastically wrong.  What channel do you use and why?

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