Week 2 of Fantasy LCS

I have to admit, as I’ve stated some where before that I have picked my teams on blind loyalty and to be honest with you it came up really big for me in the first week, so I was on a high this week not so much.

The other problem with this is because of the way out League is set up last week didn’t matter too much because I was playing myself because a mate and I wanted to do heads up not have to try to find others to play with us, so we decided to create smurfs so that we could play against each other.  Meaning that the amazing week I had was mute due to the fact I was playing myself this week I am actually playing my mates teams and it does seem that its going to 1 each but my teams are just imploding.  I don’t want to blame it on Piglet because that would be unfair but that is the only change this week, and it seems the communication could be a huge problem for Team Liquid as when they had Keith in the line up last week they did a protect the ADC composition and they won so convincingly.

The other point I want to make however the first game this week for Gravity they won with a really dominating performance but the points just didn’t match that, they scored really low.  I was really pleased for Saint Vicious though being a fan of him and Voyboy its great to see Cop there to in case you haven’t noticed I am Curse til I die fan but I am feeling really conflicted this season actually having a fantasy team.  I am writing this before the end of the LCS this week but feeling so frustrated with Team Liquids performance that I just wanted to write all this down.  I am kind of hoping by added the extra emotion to the post it could make it more interesting.  I think I might keep the players in my team for another week or so but I have dropped the team overall and picked up CLG.

My Week One Fantasy LCS teams
My Week One Fantasy LCS teams


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