Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review

To be honest walking into this movie I was expecting much from the movie but at the same time I was looking forward to it as I wanted to see something that was light-hearted.  Due to the fact that last couple of movies we have seen have been quite hard-hitting and although they have been good in my current state of mind this movie was just what I was looking for.

To my surprise though it wasn’t just me that was pleased with the movie I, I was expecting the normal objections to all the movies that I like.  However they never came the other guys I go to the cinema with was pleasantly surprised at the movie.  The acting for me was pretty good although there was some big names in the movie it was the smaller names that made the movie for me, but it also gave the extra to movie because the whole plot is about passing on a legacy and to be honest with younger and older cast you kind of the impression that it wasn’t just the plot was doing this.

The action scenes were really well done but it was also well-balanced out with comedy, and to be honest with you I’d find it difficult to tell you quite which category this movie would actually fit in to.  I really don’t want to give it away too much but there was one scene that really stands out for me because it made me laugh out loud and it just worked so well.  Although I will not say which one it is but if you think you can guess what scene it was then please don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know which scene stood out for you.

Overall I would want to give this movie an 8 out of 10 because I really enjoyed it and although there is no negative points to this movie I just feel that is where it stands in my scale of movies.  One movie that is well worth watching at the moment.

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