Gaming Addiction and Productivity Day 1 of Cold Turkey

While after 24 hours now of no Gaming PC and living on just a Chromebook and using the Chromecast as a second monitor, I have to say my day hasn’t been as productive as I had hoped.

This could be due to the fact that I didn’t get to sleep until about 4 this morning and was back up at about 8 because the worry of taking the Power Supply Unit out of my PC.  Now you might think that isn’t good being a bit of a techie however I am not really a hardware guy, I tend to like to stick to the software and problem solving.  Also electric seems to have the added danger what if this goes bang and gives you a huge shock.  All this going through my mind meant a sleep lacking night, so when I got up I got a coffee and cracked on with taking the old power supply out my gaming machine.  Now to be honest as soon as I got it I was stood there wondering what the hell am I worrying about?

The rest of the day was watching streams and just generally being in a state of zombie, with a little bit of research into getting a new PSU.  For the most part it isn’t too complicated and I have found a few that I like and will probably go with and as I am replacing the PSU I think I will be going for an upgrade to 600W from 550W.

So for this little experiment I am going to be putting off buying the new PSU until the beginning of next week just because I want to see what a difference not having a gaming PC makes, although I have to admit I do miss not being able to jump on a game or two, this could be actually quite good.

The other thing I needed to do today was make a recovery image for my chromebook, and I was suprised to find out that Google have actually changed the command for it.  They are now using an App to do it instead of being able to just put in the command chrome://imageburner, which to me is making things a little easier for general users but also making it a bit more bloated because it’s another application to have in your draw.  I personally liked the other way of doing it, I think tomorrow’s blog will have to have some media in it because just this text needs breaking up.

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