Letting Things Slip

I am getting good at this with the blog.  Having a few personal issues and getting more focused into League of Legends in the pre-season is a huge part of that.  It isn’t a reflection on the changes that were made but more to the point I have been working with somebody in the game, they are a Platinum Player and helping me develop as a player.

It seems strange to explain because I have a group of friends where one likes League and the others aren’t into the game, and every time I try to explain why I play League but never get it right. It’s hard to put it into words or explain to a none League player but I think although the community seems quite aggressive while in a game, there are the few that are helpful.  The problem is it’s a high pressure environment that everyone wants to win and when one or more players are making mistakes your sat their annoyed and it affects the rest of the game.  The thing about this game for the frustration there is also that feeling of achievement when you win, when you meet that new person on their that is will help and you develop and improve as a player at way the stuff you have to deal with.

I am going to try to get back into blogging though because reading a few of my friends and the fact that one has actually become a guest blogger for want of a better word, has really encouraged me start again.  The main reason is that it logs my progress in certain things and lets me reflect on things more, along with maybe helping others in some way. I want to find a happy medium between personal blog entries and game/technology entries with of cause the odd movie review thrown in.  As for the other blog I started for a writing project, although a great idea I need to sit down and work out which direction I want it to go in and how I want to proceed with it.

So there is where I am at, now to gaming because I promised/told someone I would start a game as soon as possible.  Although I do have a review to write so who knows but time to knuckle down.

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Well what can I say I have to be one of the most boring people going but you've obviously found something of interest on this site so why not stick around and found out a bit more. I originally started blogging after taking Web Design at University and its just gone from there. I have made a few mistakes on the way and decided to start a fresh due to problems but this is going to be the real deal. Typically talking tech and what matters to me :) Happy reading and keep smiling Stueeey

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