Chromecast 3 days in

I have to say from the out set that I like most Google Products however I never really wanted a Chromecast out right because of the way I have my set up set up.  I just don’t actively have a need for it on my TV but after seeing the NOW TV offer that comes with the Chromecast I just couldn’t resist.  3 Months free Now TV but I have had no luck with this offer.

While setting up my device had a few issues not because of the device itself it was my wisdom using a USB extension cable where I shouldn’t have but now I have moved the plugs around there is no issues.  So the device is working fine but when I follow the instructions to redeem the offer for NOW TV the Chromecast says that there are no offers available which is very annoying when you read the terms and conditions of the offer and you do.  I contacted Google Support and they said they would escalate the issue to their supervisor and that they would get in contact with me by the next day.  That didn’t happen so I called back and they had no record of that conversation which was extremely annoying and I was advised to go  back to Amazon where I purchased the device and in all honesty I turned around and said I hadn’t but could see Amazon saying its a Google problem because its their offer.  So after explaining that they said fine I will escalate the issue again it will be a couple of days.  I will say from the outset of this post that the couple of days aren’t over.

However there are other people complaining on the product forum for the chromecast with the same issue, and Google haven’t sorted it out this was all the way back in April.  Instead of going through the standard I think the support should say we know there is a problem and this is what we can do.  Rather than not admit there is a problem, this is the problem I have is that Google aren’t admitting there is a problem their end.  They are trying to blame the device and say that I am not eligible for the offer at the moment.  So although my device is working and I am really pleased that I have it, it is being over shadowed by bad support and the fact the offer system Google has in place.

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