Hell in Cell 2014 Thoughts

Possible Spoiler Alert

I have to say this PG era is really hurting the WWE for me.  Gone are the days of blood.  Which for the most part you can put up with, due to the nature of the matches however in the two hell in the cell matches in this show you can’t really excuse the lack of blood.

This is a huge problem for me because I was watching wrestling religiously in the attitude/ just after era where you’d see the like of Mick Foley and Triple H busted wide open.  Although we all know it wrestling is staged these days it still has to hold some realism and having someone’s face forced into a cage of wire you’d expect them to bleed and there just wasn’t any.  Not taking anything away from the wrestlers and the matches themselves because I was pleasantly surprised just how good they were.  However with the lack of blood in situations where in years gone by there was loads I just felt the show of it all was just left lacking.  After that moan, the rest of the matches were quite good as well.

Rusev and Big Show match was quite good, but the result from my point of view was a little annoying.  The best part of the how is watching Mizdown make a complete fool of himself.  So do the WWE need to look at this PG rating?  For me for pay-per-views I think they do, I can understand your weekly shows being PG but for the likes of events like Hell in the Cell I have to say they need to step it up a gear.  Otherwise the new stars that need to bring through are never going to get out the legends shadow because the likes of Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels just to name a few will constantly be in people’s minds and the current crop will be forgotten just because of the restrictions it would seem the WWE are putting on them.

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