Chrome OS and Acer 720 3 Months On

After listening to a recent podcast produced by a YouTuber that I have followed for a number years Chris Pirillo and one of the questions from one of his viewers was is Chrome OS still relevant.  His answer was yes because all the different systems or devices have different feature sets or niches and he hoped that Google carry on developing the operating a system.

As a Chromie for want of a better word I can’t see Google dropping the Operating System any time soon because they are making head way in the educational sector in the US and to be honest with you after having my Chromebook for 3 months although the usage has gone down a little I still wouldn’t be without it.  The things that have changed for me is the way I see the device, I first bought it as a no hassle machine which it is and I could carry on using it as such.  However having a delay on an update on the stable channel for some reason, my particular machine didn’t get the update until about 4 or 5 days after update was released according to the Chrome Release Blog and although that isn’t a huge problem I got convinced to switch to the beta channel.

Although I have only been on the beta channel for a week I haven’t had any trouble with it and would admit that I am tempted to even go up to Dev channel.  The main reason that I don’t is because I still want the hassle free computing but for some reason feel that I have satisfied on some level my need as a geek to be getting the latest and greatest software and features.  If I am honest I kind of want something to go wrong so that I can start trouble shooting it in this platform but I don’t feel there is really a need or that I ever will.

The only downside to Chrome OS and the reason that I don’t fully switch to it because I have been tempted by the Chromeboxes is the fact that I am a gamer and that I use Mumble.  I just can’t leave a Windows machine because of those two things.  If however at some point in time the internet infrastructure improves in such away that it is more practical to have games streaming as opposed to running locally then I think I would wave good-bye to Windows.

The next stage for me could be a Chromecast god help me Google is taking over my life.

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