RAW Thoughts 21-10-14


I have to admit of late RAW hasn’t been grabbing me all that much it has been background noise but it really did keep me interested this week.  Due to the fact that they kept Dean Ambrose coming in and out of the show.  He didn’t just appear at the beginning of the show and then for his match he was in the middle as well.

I think the WWE have taken notice of the fans and have realised they need to run with Ambrose and it will get people’s interest, another thing I think they are doing well is the way they are bring stars back.  This week it was the turn of Mick Foley although looking extremely unfit the hardcore legend was great in his segment with Ambrose and Rollins.   Another angle that is starting to interest me is how personal Big Show and Rusev is getting, for me that rivalry is really holding its own and personally hope that the Big Show does knock Rusev off his perch because this undefeated streak that Rusev is on for me isn’t all that great.

Has this weeks RAW made me interested in Hell in the Cell Sunday?  Yes I really want to see how it goes between Rollins and Ambrose.  Along with the other two big story-lines Rusev and the Big Show and Randy Orton and John Cena.  It will be interesting to see who the WWE want to knock Brock off the top spot or attempt to.

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