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A while back I get the inspiration to write a story based on getting really engrossed into Castle. A TV show where a writer ends up working alongside a Detective for inspiration for his novels. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was just something there.

The TV show just highlighted that you could do something based on real life experiences and turn it into a story, and that is kind of what I did. Although the one I wrote was not based anything that happened to me but it was based on something similar it was a writer that came into contact with something strange, and I didn’t finish writing it. The truth is I really wish I had kept up with that story because for me it was going some where, it had potential but I lost interest in it because I go off on other projects. The reason I brought all this up because the same happened today.

While dog sitting, I was watching the Social Network although I have to admit I have seen it before, I noticed it on PVR and thought I would watch it and for some reason I had an urge to code something. While watching it I thought why not brush up on some programming and start to code something? The truth is it has been so long without any end goal I would be brushing up on my coding skills with no project, plus these days I spend most of my time on the Chromebook for productivity I haven’t looked into code editors on here yet.

So while thing and reflecting on all this I have decided to try to do some writing again because it would be the easier thing to do at the moment for me, not that I am afraid of hard work but I want something that it is easily achievable at the moment and would provide me with some extra content for this site.

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Well what can I say I have to be one of the most boring people going but you've obviously found something of interest on this site so why not stick around and found out a bit more. I originally started blogging after taking Web Design at University and its just gone from there. I have made a few mistakes on the way and decided to start a fresh due to problems but this is going to be the real deal. Typically talking tech and what matters to me :) Happy reading and keep smiling Stueeey

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